MaxClean Wellington City Council Case Study

Streamlined service for Wellington City Council

Me Heke Ki Pōneke - Absolutely Positively Wellington

This confident and bright invitation to enjoy Wellington City is a good reflection of the dynamic, forward-looking Wellington City Council. The team at OfficeMax was stoked to have the opportunity to partner with Wellington City Council as a supplier of rubbish bags to Wellington's retailers.

We spoke to Stefan Bowory, Commercial Manager, Waste Operations, to see how the process went for them.

Read the case study to see how we made it easy for Wellington City Council to get the job done.

The Challenge

Wellington City Council needed a new rubbish bag supplier for businesses around the city. Their main requirements were:

  1. Meeting or exceeding previous supplier
    - Same quality of bags
    - Same or better level of risk around the continuity of supply
  2. Flexibility
    - A supplier that would understand any changes needed and be able to act on them

Wellington City

The Solution

The team at Wellington City Council decided to go with OfficeMax because of our:

  1. Knowledge and experience
    It was clear to Stefan that the OfficeMax team had a deep level of understanding not only of their own products, but the needs of Wellington City Council.
  2. Range of products
    OfficeMax offered a good range of products at competitive pricing.
  3. Security of supply
    OfficeMax offered assurance of a consistent supply.

"What gave us the confidence to pick OfficeMax as a supplier was the level of knowledge the team had of the products we wanted. They had obviously done a lot of research to offer a high quality product at a good price."

Stefan Borowy,
Commercial Manager, Waste Operations

The Results

Retailers can order what they need through Wellington City Council's customer admin system. OfficeMax has ensured that our call centre has the right script to make sure orders are checked and delivered as efficiently as possible. The process is streamlined and running smoothly.

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"We're impressed with the service we've gotten so far. Paula and the rest of the team are very responsive. We catch up with Paula on a regular basis to keep on top of things."

Stefan Borowy,
Commercial Manager, Waste Operations

Results at a glance

Quality brands
Quality brands at good prices with consistent
level of supply – even during a pandemic

Call centre support to ensure
efficient delivery to retail stores

Specialist product knowledge
Specialist product knowledge and support
support to ensure Wellington City Council has
the range to suit their needs

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