• Arckit Flexi Workshop Lesson 1

Arckit Flexi Workshop Lesson 1

Lesson One

Develop an understanding of arckit and explore the surrounding area for design inspiration

Experience Level



One hour

Arckit 3D Build Demonstration (below)
Optional: Notebooks and pencils, pre-built models
Kits: GoPlus / Arckit 90 for 1 person, Arckit 180 for 2 people, Arckit 360 for 3-4 people

Learning Objectives

1. Discuss how Arckit can be used as an architectural design tool.
2. Explore how architecture relates to the environment around them.
3. Practice the basic building concepts behind Arckit.

Key Concepts

Research, group work, building methods

Time Activities
5 mins Introduction. The facilitator introduces the Arckit product as an architectural tool. The group listens to an outline of the project, the products they will use and design with, and are taken on a brief tour of the Arckit website and SketchUp digital software.
10 mins Research. The facilitator presents the images of at least three iconic buildings e.g Eiffel Tower in Paris, The Wave in Dubai, The Gherkin in London or the Sydney Opera House. Participants discuss how each of these designs takes inspiration from nature and the surrounding area.
10 mins Inspiration. Participants explore a nearby outdoor area where they have the chance to sketch or photograph ideas around them (e.g shapes from nature, landscapes, colours, or imagery from urban surroundings) for design inspiration.
Note: alternatively participants can search for images in an iPad, use stock images, or look through magazines.
10 mins Getting to know Arckit. The facilitator hands out Arckit kits to each participant. Participants can either work alone or in pairs (depending on whether they are able to keep the model at the end of the workshop) to familiarize themselves with the components and user manual.
15 mins Building with Arckit. Participants take inspiration from their sketches/photo to practice key concepts fo Arckit such as connecting components, building floor space, using column supports, adding second levels and experimenting with shapes.

Further Reading
NZIAI: New Zealand Institute of Architects Incorporated - www.nzia.co.nz
RIBA: The Royal Institute of British Architects - www.architecture.com
RIAI: The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland - www.riai.ie
AIA: The America Institute of Architects - www.aia.org
SketchUp CAD software - www.sketchup.com

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