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STEAM Lesson Plan | Catapult Challenge

STEAM Lesson Plan Catapult Challenge Projectile

STEAM Lesson Plan: Catapult Challenge

Designed for Ages 8-13


This is a big classroom challenge. Your students will work individually or in pairs to design and create a Strawbees catapult and a projectile - an artistic polystyrene masterpiece!

This challenge encourages students to develop their problem solving skills and creativity to create a functional (and innovative) catapult.


1-2 Class periods


Strawbees School Kit
Polystyrene Balls
Pom Poms
Moving Eyes
Mini Glue Gun
Mini Glue Gun Refill Sticks

*OfficeMax is happy to help you with any additional items for your STEAM lesson plan

Lesson Outline:

Step 1:

Begin the lesson by discussing battle techniques, both now and in the past. Discuss how catapults were used in battle and what made them effective (or ineffective!).

Step 2:

Ask your class to start sketching out what they consider to be a good catapult. Do their sketches have things in common? Discuss levers and pulleys.

Step 3:

After the sketches have been analysed, show them the tools they have available to them (Strawbees School Kit). Show them how the connectors bed and how the straws connect.

Step 4

Give your students time to explore how to create their catapult. If you have students that are stuck for ideas, show them the example from the Strawbees book.

Step 5:

Once the students have made the catapults, it's time to make their ammunition! Give each child a polystyrene ball and show them all the available crafts.

Step 6:

Allow them time to create their masterpiece.

Step 7:

Lastly, have a competition. Who can fire their ammunition the furthest? Or have a class game of Battleships. The options are endless!

STEAM Lesson Plan Catapult

Author: Natalie Tubman, Digital Learning Specialist at OfficeMax
With almost 14 years of teaching experience, Natalie is passionate about e-learning and helping to implement technology into the New Zealand education system.

Copyright Notice: It is an infringement of the intellectual property rights of OfficeMax New Zealand Limited ("OfficeMax") for any person to modify or copy any portion of this document without the prior written permission of OfficeMax. All rights reserved.


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