10 signs you’re an Admin Superstar

Admin Star

Everyone who works in an office environment knows who their Office Administrator or Manager is – they are usually one of the first people you meet! They’re the one you go to when. . . well, anything happens, right? To celebrate all they do, we’ve put together a few experiences that most Office Admins and Managers can relate to at some point in their careers . . . enjoy!

You know you’re an Office Administrator when. . . 

1. You know the name of every person in the office, as well as their spouse, children and pets, even if you have to remind David the travelling salesman every now and then that your name is Tracey, not Trish.

2. Even though you have a job description, you know the only relevant term is ‘multi-tasking’.

3. Lunch breaks are as mythical as unicorns and pots of gold at the end of the rainbow, but you’re happy just to be able to eat a sandwich while you work through those spreadsheets.

4. You’ve been working with your boss for so long you can finish their sentences, and you know what they need before they even think about it.

5. If you have to be out of the office for the day, even though they joke, you know everyone panics a little that the business may not recover from your absence.

6. You’re the office technician. You’ve learnt how to adjust the aircon, fix the printer and you can even do some minor plumbing – you’re an expert at unclogging the kitchen sink these days!

7. After every meeting there is a line of people who need your help to action things discussed in the meeting.

8. You dread hearing your phone ring on the weekends; it usually means your boss has some urgent work they forgot to discuss with you on Friday.

9. In order to leave on time you have to dress in a disguise and make a run for the staff car park without being recognised!

10. You don’t enjoy working with numbers, however the payroll/accounts lady left months ago and you did such a good job filling in (the boss’s words exactly!) that they decided not to hire another person!

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