5 ways to a winning workspace

winning workspace

Feel like you’re about to get buried in a paperwork avalanche?! It’s hard to think straight when you can’t find your coffee mug, let alone that important document you’re working on. Get yourself sorted with these winning workspace ideas.

Clear desk, clear mind

Take time out to clear off your desk – your brain will thank you for it. There’s so many cool ways to get those piles of papers out of sight. Try some stylish document holders to de-clutter and brighten up your desk at the same time.

Take it to another level

If you’re running out of desk space, try going up rather than out. Use a pin board to display important files vertically or use colourful shelving to give you more room. 

Make it your own

Choose a funky bookcase to add a personal touch to your cubical. Shelves can be used for books and files, but also your industry awards, pot plant or favourite coffee mug. 

Filing fanatic?

Love the snap of a lever arch file? Then you’ll love our stylish cabinets – they’re perfect for home!

Hands off, that's mine!

Keep temptation at bay by storing valuable items in lockable drawers. Whether it’s your handbag or your precious stapler that always seems to go walk-about, keep items secure and out of sight.

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