Creativity grows little minds!

Kids love getting creative and it’s so important to their overall physical and mental development. But creativity is not an in-built skill – our kids need the time, space and right equipment to explore.

So how can you support their creativity?

Start with getting their hands on the right art supplies – decent brushes and paint, colouring pencils and craft equipment. We’ve got an awesome range of art supplies to excite budding artists of any age.


Round Brushes Paint Coloured Pencils

Art for littlies

For younger children, you’ll want a range of collage equipment to let them to explore different textures, colours and techniques. Put together a treasure chest of glittery pens, fluffy pom poms and joogle moving eyes. Watch your child light up as they try each one!

Glitter Pens Craft Pom Poms Joggle Eyes

Growing passion for art

Older children will be inspired by working with higher quality equipment like acrylic paints on canvas or watercolours on high grade art paper. They’ll need a good set of brushes too, with a variety of tips to play with scale and detailing. Sketch pads and lead pencils will also come in handy if they like to get creative on the go!

Art Canvases Sketch Books and Visual Diaries Lead Pencils

Creativity for you

For the inner child, adult colouring books and beautiful coloured pencils are all you need to focus the mind and indulge in a creative outlet.

Colour Pencils

We've got everything you need to get creative, start shopping now!

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