Be an Eco Ambassador

Climate change on your mind? Concerned with that colleague who prints every single email? Hate the disposable coffee cups in the tearoom? You’re not the only one! Around the world, companies are recognising that becoming eco-friendly is good for their brand and their bottom-line too.  

Here are some simple steps to get you started:

Make the switch

Encourage an energy efficient office by getting the lights switched over to LED. You can also put reminder stickers on light switches to encourage everyone to turn off the lights. Computers should also be shut down completely at the end of each day, not just left in powersave mode.

Clean up your act

You really don’t need to use harsh chemicals to clean your home or office. Baking soda and vinegar can work wonders at home, but at work you’ll probably need something with a little more cleaning power. Ecostore have an amazing range of cleaners to cover all bases - they are eco-friendly and available in bulk.

Re-use without thinking

By ordering only recycled copy paper for your office, everyone can be more environmentally friendly without a second thought. You can also encourage the team to print double sided or re-use single-sided paper for notes. 

Recycle paper

Get these Paper Recycling Cubes for everyone in the office, so that they can recycle every bit of paper that crosses their desk. They are super handy for keep desks clutter free - use some of that free space for a pot plant!

Divide and conquer

Make it easy for everyone in your office to recycle. Provide bins that are categorised, so that rubbish can be divided into different types of waste. 

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