Tips for ending the year with a new year in mind

It’s that time of year again – everyone is starting to plan their Christmas break, and talk about holiday plans.

Before you know it, the new year will be here and everyone’s back into work. We’ve taken some time to collate a few handy tips from our staff to help you get yourself sorted now for the new year.
  • Take the time now to complete any filing that is outstanding. Think about your current filing system, is it working? Are you finding the information you require easily, or is it a bit of a mess? Tidy things up with a filing solution that can help you stay on top of all that paperwork.

  • Replace your crusty desk accessories with new ones. When you come back you might just find yourself more motivated to get into the real work if you feel good about your space and have everything neatly organised.

  • Conduct a company-wide stationery audit/amnesty. Ask everyone to check their drawers for pens, Post-It® notes, notepads and other general items that they haven’t used – can you return them to the stationery cupboard? This way you’ll have a better idea of what is actually needed in that first order for the new year.

  • Clean out refrigerators and make sure all kitchen areas are tidy and that no perishable food products will be left to go bad over the break.

  • Everyday items such as keyboards, mice and phones can carry a lot of germs and can often be neglected during the year, take this opportunity to clean and sanitise your desk, phone and computer so you can come back and start a fresh.

  • Stock the cupboard with instant coffee and tea, sugar and stir sticks so that when you get back from holiday there is coffee at the ready to ease the staff back into work.

  • Check your first aid kits – do you need to replenish any items? It’s important that your first aid kit is kept up to date and fully stocked. Did you know we have an easy replenishment guide that can help you save money and time? Find it here.

  • Have you got boxes going into storage? If you know you won’t be accessing them anytime soon seal them up and protect them using good quality packaging tapes.

  • If you have boxes being moved from your office to your storage area make sure you do so in a safe manner. Using a trolley will help you move heavy objects – the only lying down you want to do over the Christmas break is by the pool or at the beach – not on the chiropractors table!

  • Cleaning the office may mean trying to reach areas you usually leave alone – especially those high up spaces you rarely reach for. Make sure you work safely and use strong, sturdy equipment, like a sided step ladder.

  • How’s your computer chair looking? Do you find by the end of the day your neck and back hurt because your chair has stopped performing the way it should? If you sit at your desk for long periods of time, the chair you use is important, look at getting a new chair and come back to a more comfortable sit-uation in the new year.

  • If you’re looking ahead at the set-up of your work station, or that of your team, why not set yourself up ergonomically with a new height adjustable desk with accessories. The move towards workplace wellness isn’t slowing down, get it sorted before the end of the year, so that everyone can return to work knowing their New Years’ Resolutions might have a little assistance this year!

  • Do you have a lovely outdoor area that needs a bit of sprucing? Encourage staff to sit outside while the weather is good by investing in some new outdoor furniture, it’s an easy way to ween people back into work mode by offering them a ‘holiday’ feel whilst having their lunch break.

  • You’ve got all your files nicely colour coded and sorted, now you need somewhere to store them – complete the job and place them all neatly in a tambour and/or filing cabinet. That way, when you come back in the new year, that arduous task will be well behind you.

  • Take some time to tidy up your reception area – first impressions count. Take a look at the space and think about what first impression your workplace offers people. Whether you need new chairs for a seating area, magazine racks, lamps, or a whole new reception counter our specialist team can help.
We know December can be a busy month for some – from processing last minute sales before the close down, to making sure the staff Christmas party goes off without a hitch, however taking time to complete some of these tasks now can lessen the stress when you return in the new year. If it gets too much, keep some of it for the new year. Why not create a checklist for yourself of the things you’d like to get done, and then allocate them to December or January and get the New Year off to a flying start.

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