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The importance of replenishing your workplace First Aid kit

According to the Department of Labour’s First Aid for Workplaces – A Good Practice Guide*, ‘There should be a suitably stocked first aid kit in each place where people are working. There should also be a kit in work vehicles.'


First Aid Kits can save lives – it’s easy enough to buy one for your home or workplace, use some items, run out of others, even see some expire without being used; then it’s time to buy a new kit, right? Not necessarily.

Have you considered the benefits of replacing the items you’ve used, or that have expired, instead of buying a whole new kit?  At OfficeMax we have all types of kits to meet the first aid requirements of a variety of workplaces. We also sell individual items such as digital thermometers and antiseptic cream which make it easy for you to customise any first aid kit, or to replace items as required.

According to the Good Practice Guide, there should be at least one fully stocked First Aid kit per 50 employees. You could have one large kit on the main floor and several smaller kits throughout the office, for ease of access. Each one should be clearly marked with a sticker or First Aid kit sign, and include a list of the names and contact numbers of First Aiders, as well as emergency services.

Our handy First Aid and Burns Kit checklist has all the info you need to make an informed decision on which kit to buy. From a one man band, to those working in a vehicle, right through to a large corporate, each situation has different needs. Our checklist will also help you when you require First Aid refills; simply print a copy and keep it with your first aid kit as a handy go to when re-order of contents is necessary.

What are the benefits of replenishing your existing First Aid kit?

1. Reduce waste – First Aid kits generally come in specialised packaging. Instead of throwing it away, reuse it and do your part to reduce workplace waste.

2. Peace of mind - Checking that you are fully stocked, and everything is within its use by date means you know if someone ever needs it, you will have the equipment required.

3. Save time – You’ve now got your checklist, and you know exactly what you need to replace, the codes are at your fingertips, simply type them into the search bar, select your quantity and you’re away!

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