Keep the coffee connoisseurs calm

Kiwis love their coffee, so it can be pretty hard finding the perfect brew for such a discerning lot! Here are some tips to make it easier:

Cheaper in the long run

Get the best coffee you can afford – it will save the company loads in the long run with more efficient and happy workers. When your team has great coffee in the office, they won’t head out to the local cafe to get their caffeine hit. With higher-quality coffee, you’ll probably find that consumption goes down too – it won’t take so many coffees to kickstart the brain each morning.


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Do a trial run

You might like a single shot flat white in the mornings, while Kate from Sales likes a double shot espresso. So choosing a coffee to keep everyone happy, can be one of your hardest decisions. Get the team engaged in the process by providing a few different options to taste test one lunchtime. You’ll probably find there are a couple of favourites that suit the different ends of the strength spectrum. It’s also worth stocking a good decaf option for later in the day or those avoiding caffeine.

Decaf Coffee Flavoured Coffee

Style to suit

These days there are great options available: from ‘barista’ style coffee machines to vending machines or instant. What you choose will depend on your budget and the how much coffee your team gets through. Capsules are a great low fuss option, while fresh beans appeal to more sophisicated coffee drinkers. Instant coffee is great for those in a hurry or where there is limited kitchen space. Our Cafe Specialists can help you decide on the right option for your office.


Caffeine calculations

Make sure you never have a pack of surly caffeine-deprived workers on your case! By working out approximately how many cups you go through in a week you’ll always have plenty of coffee on hand. Here’s how: say you have 15 workers drinking on average 3 cups a day – that’s 225 cups a week. A 1kg bag generally gives you about 120 cups, so you’ll need to order at least 2 bags a week.

For those that refrain

Don’t forget to provide some options for those that don’t feel like a coffee. There are some delicious alternatives available now – think luscious hot chocolates, heavenly herbal teas and good old gumboot tea.

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