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Wellness at Work

Wellness in the workplace is not a new concept. It’s been around for a while now, and many businesses are taking an active interest in staff wellbeing. We thought we’d share some of our top tips for helping you achieve wellness at work. If any of these tips spark an idea for you, we have the products to help you come through for your employees!


Let them know you care. . . . with coffee!

A coffee or tea break is a vital part of the working day and a better quality beverage will always be appreciated. In an article published by the New Zealand Herald, Murray Clark – Marketing Manager of Ricoh New Zealand – speaks of their investment in good quality Nescafé coffee machines and the effect on staff morale:

"In the old Ricoh building, the default for many people was to eat at their desks, drinking coffee in their own business areas, their silos," says Clark. "Now our staff go into the cafes within our building - we regularly see admin people having coffee and lunch with technical and sales staff; that would seldom have happened in the old building."*

There are also productivity benefits to have a good quality coffee machine in your workplace. Chris Till - former CourierPost HR Manager – completed a cost-benefit analysis and found that the purchase of three professional coffee machines could save the company $15,000 - $20,000 per year*. Part of this was calculating the average time staff took to get their coffee on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis – those are some serious savings!

Simon Witchalls – OfficeMax NZ Cafe and Catering Buyer says:

 ‘Kiwis love a good cup of coffee - most of us need one to get our day started. New Zealand’s per capita consumption ranks among the top 20 in the world*. Providing good quality coffee for your staff increases morale, keeps staff in the office and provides a great discussion or meeting point to collaborate around. Coffee is the new water cooler!’

If you’re looking for a coffee machine for your workplace, take a look at our selection. If you’re not sure what you need, click here to get in touch with our Cafe Specialists and they can help you find the best machine for your situation.



Motivate and increase positivity with workplace mindfulness.

Place colouring books, art and craft products in central areas around your workplace or use them for team-building activities.  

Most of us have at least heard about the craze of adult colouring by now, however, did you know it’s actually used by psychologists and occupational therapists as a relaxant, specifically for the relief of stress? Once considered an activity for children, adult colouring is now mainstream, with many people raving about the benefits.

 The workplace can be stressful at times, and while it may not always be possible for staff members to take 20-30 minutes to meditate in a quiet room, colouring can have the same benefits as stated in an article by Deane Alban: ‘All arts and crafts hobbies have the power to focus the brain similarly to meditation.’ * Those benefits, according to research conducted by Emma Seppala Ph.D, show that meditation can help increase happiness and health, as well as increased memory and attention. *

Some companies that have encouraged colouring in the workplace include BUPA and Sydney based Recruiting Firm Precision Sourcing. Director, Simon Hall says ‘When they’re colouring at work, it’s helping them to tap into their creative side – which in turn inspires them to think outside of the box.’*

Shontelle Whitford – OfficeMax Art and Education Buyers Assistant says:

“Colouring promotes creative thinking, and can help relieve stress in the workplace. Behavioural Economist Michal Ann Strahilevitz points to five reasons adult colouring is trending; they are fun, the nostalgia of childhood memories, it’s a nice way to relax, you can be creative without needing to be able to draw, and finally the high quality of the books themselves*. It’s for these reasons things like adult colouring can help contribute to a happier, healthier workplace.”

We make it easy for you to promote workplace mindfulness and create an environment that embraces workplace fun and positivity – to view our selection of arts, crafts and colouring items, click here.



Change the layout of your workspace to encourage collaboration and fun.

When we think of the Google offices, there’s definitely a word that springs to mind – FUN! That is, in part, contributed to that fact that they adopt a collaborative style workplace.

According to Adam Alter – writer of ‘How to build a collaborative office space like Pixar and Google’* – the following are key features of a collaborative office space:

An open plan and other design features (e.g., high-traffic staircases) that encourage accidental interactions.

More common areas than are strictly necessary—multiple cafeterias, other places to read and work that encourage workers to leave confined offices.

Emphasis on areas that hold two or more people, rather than single-occupancy offices.

Purpose-free generic “thinking” areas in open-plan spaces, which encourage workers to do their thinking in the presence of other people, rather than alone.

It makes sense that a collaborative workplace fosters a culture of sharing ideas and creativity – leading to happier employees.

Catherine Rackley – OfficeMax Furniture and Interiors Buyer says:

‘We know from our own experiences that the more collaborative furniture in an office setting, think large tables and units, the more people are encouraged to change their work habits, and experience benefits like changes in posture and increased physical activity.’

To speak with one of our knowledgeable team members click here.



A safe workplace is a happy (and productive) workplace.

Equip your staff with the latest in ergonomics, safety and first aid equipment, and ensure their wellness in the workplace.

Looking after the Health and Safety of your staff isn’t just important; it’s the law, and doing it right can contribute to a much happier team of staff. First Aid kits are a legal requirement, and making sure they are fully stocked means your staff can go about their day knowing they have the supplies on hand, should they need them. Civil Defence kits – while not a legal requirement – will let your staff know you have the necessary equipment to help them get through a natural disaster.

Providing Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are also a good way to increase the wellbeing of your staff. Many organisations offer them, and they can cover a wide range of benefits, from counselling, to budget advice and CV writing skills.

Bruce Campbell – OfficeMax Safety and Packaging Buyer says:

‘Our safety products provide peace of mind for employees. In the event of a natural disaster, Civil Defence kits are essential, while defibrillators and first aid supplies can save lives. Working for a business that provides these products can give employees a sense that their overall wellbeing and safety is important, and will add to a positive feel towards their workplace.’

To get in touch with our Safety Specialist team click here.














Statistics sourced from https://tinyurl.com/nnobml2






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