Waiwhetu Frequently Asked Questions


Are you still trading as Waiwhetu Distributors?

No, from Monday 7th May, Waiwhetu Distributors will be combining with OfficeMax. ‘Max Clean’ is the combination of these two leading brand names coming together to offer a complete cleaning and hygiene solution for your workplace.

When did you become part of the OfficeMax group?

OfficeMax New Zealand Ltd purchased Waiwhetu Distributors on the 1st February 2018.

Account Number

Can I use my existing Waiwhetu Distributors account number?

Yes. We’ve set up your Waiwhetu account details into the system at OfficeMax.  Your account number has changed slightly (77 prefix) and the team can let you know the details. For example, if your Waiwhetu account number was 54321, then your new account number would be 7754321”

I already have an account with OfficeMax and now I have an OfficeMax Waiwhetu Account as well, which one should I use?

If you already have an existing OfficeMax customer number our team can work with you to combine your OfficeMax Waiwhetu account with your existing OfficeMax account. (Please note your contract pricing for Waiwhetu products is currently only available through your new OfficeMax Waiwhetu account).


Who do I ring to place my order or if I’ve got a problem?

Phone us on 0800 443 679, Monday to Friday, 8am to 4.30pm.

How can I place an order from Monday 7th May?
  1. Phone us on 0800 443 679, Monday to Friday, 8am to 4.30pm
  2. Email us at maxclean@officemax.co.nz
  3. Shop online at officemax.co.nz
  4. Retail Stores - for opening hours and to find your nearest Retail Store please click here
  5. Fax us on 04 566 3072
How do I use the website? 

Click here to check out the OfficeMax website user guide. 

Will I be able to order via the
www.waiwhetu.co.nz website?

From Monday 7th May you will be able to place your orders online at officemax.co.nz.  If you had a Waiwhetu web account, we will be sending you new login details on Monday 7th May.

How can I register for online shopping at www.officemax.co.nz?

Click here to find out how to register your account for online shopping.

I'm a Waiwhetu Cash Customer, how do I shop at OfficeMax now?

You can continue to shop as you have previously and pay by credit card or cash in-store.


Will I get the same price for products that I was getting at Waiwhetu Distributors?

Yes, you will receive the same price or better.

Product Range/Codes

What if I want to buy products outside the Waiwhetu range?

If you have an existing OfficeMax account, then these should be purchased against this. Otherwise talk to our staff about setting this up.

Am I able to add products other than what I used to buy from Waiwhetu to my new OfficeMax Waiwhetu account?

Your new OfficeMax Waiwhetu Account has been set up so you can purchase the same products you were able to buy from Waiwhetu previously.  If you want to expand the range of products you purchase in order to take advantage of the full range of categories that OfficeMax stock, please let us know.

If I know the Waiwhetu product code, can I still use it with OfficeMax?

Yes, you can, this will be linked to the new OfficeMax product code.

Do you have all the products in stock that I’m used to buying?

For the most part the range you currently buy from our showroom will be available at the OfficeMax store.

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