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Top tips for choosing office furniture

The boss might think that it’s as simple as ordering a few chairs and desks, but when it comes to creating the right office space, there’s actually a lot to consider. Get started with these top tips!

Suitably stylish

Think about who will be using the office furniture - café style chairs and tables might look good in an advertising agency, but are they appropriate for an accounting firm? If clients will be coming in, what sort of mood are you trying to create for them? Sophisticated and efficient, creative and exciting, calming and safe – it’s amazing how much your furniture can help set the mood.

Size wise

Choose office furniture that fits the size and style of space that you’re in. Oversized desks might be great to work on, but they’re not great if you have to squeeze past them on the way to the bathroom! You’ll also need to factor in room for growth - is your team likely to expand? If so, you’ll want to work that into your plans.

Comfort is king

There’s nothing worse than suffering through a meeting in an uncomfortable chair. Just because an office chair looks beautiful, doesn’t mean it’s going to be comfortable. Look for furniture that is both stylish and functional. We’ve got a great selection of stylish options that are guaranteed to please (even in really long meetings!)

Create zones

Create different zones for individual and collaborative work, to get the most out of your team. Collaborative spaces need to be open and welcoming - think large tables surrounded by chairs or even bar leaners with high stools.

Equally, some of the team will use the phone a lot – desk partitions or acoustic screens can help with noise reduction.

Still not sure?

Let’s chat - our team of Furniture Specialists can give you advice and tailored solutions for everything from office layout and design to custom-made furniture and accessories.

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