Why Choose EcoMax Products?

Working out what’s best for your business and best for the environment can be a challenge.

You may be trying to reduce your carbon footprint or reduce your waste to landfill. Whatever your sustainability goals are, we’re here to help.

EcoMax is our own classification, which we have applied to a selection of our products since 2005. EcoMax products have been selected because they meet one of our strict sustainable criteria.

Look out for EcoMax in the product filter options to help identify more sustainable or ethical products.

EcoMax Criteria

Sustainability Criteria Criteria Definition
Recyclable Product The product itself contains at least 20% material that is recyclable in New Zealand, (depending on local council)
Recycled Product The product itself contains 20% or more recycled material.
Environmental Certification The product or supplier has a recognised third party environmental certification.
Ethical Certification/Social Enterprise The creation of the product provides benefits for people in regards to fairtrade, social enterprise or sustainable development.
Carbon Reduction Certification The product is certified with a recognised third party carbon reduction certification such as carbonreduce, carbonzero or equivalent.
Reusable/Refillable  The product is specifically designed to be reusable and / or has readily available refill/return programmes operating in New Zealand.
Compostable  The product is either commercially or home compostable in New Zealand.

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