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Ordering office supplies is no small order

Every day thousands of office heroes go unnoticed across the country, especially in local small businesses. Now OfficeMax is on a mission to lighten the load for these office legends, with the revamp of its stationery and supplies online ordering service.

A 2015 OfficeMax customer survey of more than 4800 people found the majority of orders were made by office assistants and managers, not business owners. The survey also found business customers valued ease and pace of delivery, and overall customer service when choosing an office supplies service. 

OfficeMax has listened, with all new changes to their website made hand in hand with customer feedback.

Now office managers across New Zealand can easily sign up online on the revamped website for an OfficeMax business account and instantly receive a discount off full retail price, as well as pay for purchases using either cash, credit card or on account.

OfficeMax New Zealand’s Managing Director Kevin Obern says while OfficeMax has always been a go-to for larger corporates, its services are just as beneficial and relevant for small to medium enterprises.

“We get small businesses – how they work and how to save them time and money on everyday office supplies,” he said.

“We want to make sure office managers nationwide have the ease of shopping however they want with instant savings.”

One of OfficeMax’s own office heroes, Jill de Lacey, works in the Christchurch office as an office manager – she’s been with the company for over 10 years and knows the ins and outs of the workplace.

“I’ve worked in an office environment for a long time and there’s nothing better than ordering from a supplier that saves you both time and money,” she said.

“Essentially the office manager makes the world go round for every company, and it’s great to see OfficeMax highlighting this.”

To sign up and start shopping for your business, go to officemax.co.nz/PayLess, visit your nearest OfficeMax Store or phone 0800 426 473.