Creating a one-stop spot for safety equipment

Auckland International Airport employs a range of tradespeople – from plumbers, and engineers to mechanics, all tasked with maintaining their huge, multi-purpose site. Naturally, health and safety is a priority, and so is having easy access to the right safety gear. Engineering Services Coordinator Trina Tauvela had the idea of creating a safety cupboard and stocking it with items that were used regularly, so she turned to OfficeMax for advice.
A problem shared is a problem solved

Trina already had a good relationship with OfficeMax – using them for stationery supplies, with an OfficeMax representative stocking up the stationery cupboard fortnightly. So, she wondered if it would be possible to do the same thing for safety equipment. She explains that the previous system was pretty ‘long-winded’, with staff having to visit a store to find what they were after and fill in a purchase order before it could be bought. “It was really time consuming for the team. So, I talked to Lydia and Peter from OfficeMax and asked if we could put the same system into play as we do for the stationery cupboard… they said ‘no problem!”

A quick and efficient solution

Trina now has a fully operational safety cupboard stocked with everyday essentials like gloves, safety goggles, spill kits, earplugs, filters and respirators. And, just as with the stationery cupboard, the OfficeMax representative replenishes stock on his fortnightly visit. Simple! Plus, when any of the team need additional equipment, such as harnesses, boots, specialised overalls or road cones, Trina just gets in touch with Peter to put in the one-off order.

One port of call

The range of safety equipment in the cupboard is evolving, with Trina adding items to the list after feedback or noticing that certain items were regularly requested. “We realised we use lots of absorbent pads, so these are now staple items. Plus one of our team was after some gel knee pads recently, and from looking at our orders we saw that these were in hot demand by many teams – so they’re now on the list.” Trina says it’s also great to have one port of call for ordering or to discuss any requirements.

“Nothing is ever too much trouble for Peter or Lydia. I call them for our one-off orders and we get exactly what we need, when we need it” she explains. The OfficeMax team also put to rest any worries that airport staff had about not getting the ‘same’ product as before. As Trina recalls when they introduced a new type of safety goggles, some of the team were unsure about using a different brand. “Peter was really accommodating – he got us in a range of safety goggles and the team tried them out and we decided which we preferred.” “It’s a work in progress but the feedback’s been really good and it’s definitely helped to make the whole process much more efficient – a no fuss experience.”

Trina Tuavela on safety equipment for external contractors:

"It's also handy when visiting contractors are on-site. We fit them out with whatever equipment they need, and they can get on with their job - no fuss."

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