Save time and money with our Coffee Vending Machine Solutions
Ready to upgrade the hot drinks in your workspace? We're here to help with a fantastic range of coffee vending machines. Give your employees delicious beverages, in a matter of seconds and at affordable prices. 

Why a coffee vending machine hits the spot: 

1. Save money and time

If the machine you choose is replacing a standard tin and spoon arrangement, it means that instead of colleagues choosing how much product is going in their cup, they will now get a consistent, measured amount with every order. This avoids team mates accidentally using too much for one cup, and in the long run could result in some great savings for your business. Because these machines use milk whitener you also don't have to worry about finding somewhere to store your fresh milk. 

The coffee machines we supply create delicious beverages in seconds, which means that everyone can be time efficient in the kitchen. By keeping staff moving you can ensure that workspaces with smaller kitchenettes in relation to their team size can avoid a long wait time and a cluttered break area.

2. Easy to clean (and it looks good!)

Our coffee machines look a lot slicker on a bench compared to a line of tins, and they're a breeze when it comes to cleaning. 

We’re excited to use our specialist knowledge to find the coffee machine that's perfect for you. See some of our favourite machines below to get an idea of what we have on offer and get in touch with us today!


Give us your details today and we'll be in touch to find you the perfect solution! 

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*The amount of savings are based on site conditions and customer requirements. Cost per cup shown in the table above is based on OfficeMax Retail list price for a white coffee (cappuccino topping for vending).
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