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Athletes with Value

Value is one of the Elements of Art and deals with the lightness or darkness of a colour. Creating the illusion of light is important for painters. 

You will need:

•  Paint - primary colours, black and white

•  Paint Brush

•  Cartridge Paper

•  Black Paper

•  Glue

Specific Learning Objectives

Students will:

•  Learn how to create tonal value, tints and shades by adding black and white to a primary colour

Let's Get Started!

Look at silhouettes of athletes. Use pencil to draw your silhouette on black paper, cut it out and glue onto your piece of white cartridge paper. Alternatively you can trace a silhouette onto white paper, cut it out and paint it black before gluing to your background.

Using a pencil trace the outline of the silhouette (leaving space for paint) - continue this until you have filled the entire page and have several spaces to paint.

Choose one primary colour as well as black and white paint.

Starting in one of the mid sections, add a small amount of white to your colour and fill in the space with paint. Add more white paint to create an even lighter tone and complete another outline, immediately next to the first one, working your way in towards the silhouette. Repeat this until you reach the final space.

Now add a small amount of black to your colour and fill in the space next to the first one you did. Repeat this until all your spaces are filled. Remember to mix light and dark shapes evenly around your page.

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