Designer T-Shirts

Artists worldwide design cool clothing for children every day. Why not have your students design something for themselves or someone they love?

You will need:

•  White T-shirt, tote bag, pillowcase or other material item to be decorated

•  Textil Playcolour Fabric Crayons

•  Iron (to set the crayon in the fabric)

•  Cardboard or paper to place underneath/between pieces of material to prevent colour seeping

Specific Learning Objectives

Students will:

•  Create their own unique design for a T-shirt or other material item

Let's Get Started!

Discuss with your class the different designs they may wear on their t-shirts at home. These t-shirts are all designed by people who make their living out of creating unique designs for clothing.

Children can draw freehand with their own ideas directly on to the fabric or time can be spent planning a design on a piece of paper. The design may reflect a message, theme or idea that is important to them.

Once they have applied their crayon design to their item they will need to be heatset. To do this you will need to iron the t-shirt, bag or cushion cover for 3 - 4 minutes. If the item is unable to be ironed i.e shoes or hat, you can use a hairdryer to set. Once the item is heatset it is machine washable. Detailed instructions on the technique used can be found on the packet.

Optional – Conclusion or follow up:

Have a fashion parade where children can ‘show off’ their designs. Funky paper hats or signs can be made to add to the theme.

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