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Easter Bunny Bunting

Bunting is traditionally a patriotic or festive decoration made from cloth or paper, usually in the form of wide streamers. Create this fun bunting to decorate your classroom at Easter!

You will need:

•  White A4 paper

•  Coloured A4 card

•  Pencil/Sharpie

•  Scissors

•  Feather, pom poms, glitter glue and other decorations

•  String or ribbon to complete the bunting

Specific Learning Objectives

Students will:

•  Understand how to create a template

•  Use a template to create multiple shapes

•  Use different materials to decorate their shapes in an 'Easter' theme

Let's get started!

Begin by creating a discussion with the class about where they may have seen bunting – birthday parties, boats, rugby games etc. 


Take two pieces of paper and fold them in half long ways.

On the first piece draw a large circle on the bottom, above that a smaller circle (will slightly overlap the big circle) and on the very top a leaf shape angled to one corner. Whilst still folded in half, cut along the lines (without cutting through the fold completely until the ends), then open out reveal your bunny template. 

On the second piece, draw half an egg shape, the bottom being slightly wider than the top. Cut the shape whilst still in half, and then open this out to reveal your egg template.


Trace the templates onto different coloured pieces of paper – repeating both the bunny and the egg at least 3 times each, then cut out the shapes. 

Decorate your shapes with paint, glitter glue, pipecleaners or any other available materials. 

Tip: You can use a pom pom to create a cute tail for the rabbits.

Set aside to dry.

Using a hole punch, or a pair of scissors, create a hole at the top of each shape (one in each ear for the bunnies) and feed through fishing line, ribbon, or yarn to complete the bunting.

Hang around the classroom to display your beautiful creations!

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