Flaming Torch

In 1936 Berlin introduced the torch relay. Carrying the torch from Greece is now an important tradition.

You will need:

•  Cardboard

•  Stapler

•  Sticky Tape

•  Scissors

•  Paint and brushes

•  Red, yellow and orange paper, tissue paper or cellophane

Specific Learning Objectives

Students will:

•  Learn about the history or the torch relay

•  Create their own flaming torch

Let's get started!

Roll a piece of cardboard into a tube and use sticky tape to hold it in place. Paint your tube in any colour you like. Once dry add designs with paint or pastel.

Get the children to trace their hands onto red, yellow and orange paper (or paper you have dyed or painted). Cut out the hand shapes and staple together to make a round open looking flame. Use sticky tape or glue to secure the paper to the inside top of the tube.

Optional follow up activity:

Create your own torch relay around the school, with various checkpoints from around the world!

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