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The wooden carvings found at the outside of the wharenui of a marae are called Poupou. There are many varied patterns, including spirals and symmetry and the human figure is the main feature of Poupou.

You will need:

•  Black permanent marker

•  Oil Pastels

•  A4 or A3 white paper or cardboard

Specific Learning Objectives

Students will:

•  Observe the patterns and designs of Poupou

•  Design a Poupou including symmetrical patterns

•  Create contrast using warm and cool colours

Let's Get Started!

Show the class some images of various Poupou designs on wharenui. Discuss what the images look like.

Have students sketch designs of their own poupou and then outline them with permanent marker.

Look at a colour wheel and identify which are the cool and which are the warm colours.

Use the warm colours for the poupou, blending colours light to dark, creating a thick coverage of pastel.

Use the cool colours for the background, and blend colours to create interest in your background.

Outline the poupou with black pastel or Indian Ink to make it really stand out.

This lesson was contributed by Glenda Honeyfield of Welcome Bay School

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