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Sport Medals

The design for sports medals changes for every sport. The design may include cultural or historical aspects of a specific country or the origin of the sport. 

You will need:

•  Paper and Pencil

•  Cardboard Circle template

•  Jovi Modelling Clay

•  Gold, Silver and Copper Metallic Acrylic paint

•  Paintbrush

•  Rolling pin (or Jar)

• String/ribbon

Specific Learning Objectives

Students will:

•  Learn about the origins of medal design

•  Design and make their own sports medal

Let's get started!

Students are invited to pretend they've been asked to design new medals for the winners of a sporting event. Look at examples of medal designs and discuss what might have influenced the designer when creating their medal.

Trace several circles onto paper (the size of the medal you will create in clay). Ask the children to start with sketching their own designs. Have the students choose their favorites, which may be a combination of the best parts of several designs, to complete a final draft of their medal design.

Roll out modeling clay evenly (about 1/2cm works well). Trace new circle shapes on paper and cut them out. Place the circle shape onto the clay and cut out your shape. Using a skewer or (for older students) a sharp tool, scratch your design into the clay. Be sure to put a hole in the top. Older students can start with a thicker piece of clay and remove areas of clay to create raised areas as well as engraving into the surface of the clay.

Leave clay to dry overnight (ensure it’s in a dry, warm area), then paint with metallic paints, thread with ribbon, material off cuts or string.