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Textured Stars and Moon

In this exercise students will experiment layering paper over star and moon shapes to create texture and shape.

You will need:

•  A4 card or paper

•  A4 newsprint paper, or newspaper for ripping

•  NZACRYL metallic paints in silver and gold

•  Scissors

•  Glue

•  Paintbrush

Specific Learning Objectives

Students will:

•  Experiment with layering to create texture

Let's get started!

Stars and Moon:

Draw or trace star and moon shapes onto cardboard and cut them out.

Brush glue or glue paste over both sides of the star and loosely lay bits of ripped up newsprint paper/newspaper or tissue paper whilst keeping the shape of the star. Do the same with the moon shape – for older students, try to mould a face shape into the moon by using bigger, chunkier pieces of ripped up paper.

After a few layers insert a paperclip with the tip bent out slightly to the top of each shape. Layer more paper and glue over the top to hold it in place.

Set aside all shapes to dry.


When the glue is set, paint the stars in NZACRYL Metallic Gold, and the moon with NZACRYL Metallic Silver paints. To hang, feed fishing wire through the paper clip and attach to a hanger.