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Underwater Scene - EVA Foam

Using adhesive foam, students will explore the shapes used to create an underwater scene.

You will need:

•  White A4 card or paper

•  EVA self adhesive foam sheets - glitter or assorted colours

•  Scissors

•  Watercolour paints

•  Paintbrush

Specific Learning Objectives:

Students will:

•  Explore the theme of underwater

•  Experiment with shapes and fitting shapes together to create an underwater scene

Let's get started!

Paint the ‘sea’ on a piece of paper using different shades of blue.

Select a picture of a fish and assist students with drawing the different parts i.e. body, tail, fins, stripes and eyes on the back of different coloured EVA self adhesive foam sheets.

Cut the shapes out, remove the backing and place them on the dry ‘sea’ painting. Give students options to add things such as sea weed, star fish, rocks and other things they associate with being under the sea.

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