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All good things come in packaging!

As a small business owner, there are lot of things you need to think about when setting up to start trading. You have your product, and you know it’s something people will buy, but how do you go about making sure people choose your amazing product over the others? One key factor impacting a consumer’s purchasing decision is the packaging you use. According to Neilsen, 64% of consumers try a new product because the package catches their eye, and 41% will continue to purchase a product because they prefer its packaging. 

Take a moment to think about your own buying behaviours; what are you drawn to when looking at buying a bottle of wine, or a packet of chips? Whilst you may consider price and brand, you’re also likely to be drawn to something that visually appeals to you. Your customers will go through this same process when looking at your product versus your competitors’, so it’s important that you get it right. 

When designing your product packaging, it is important to remember that it does not only protect  what you have inside, it’s also a source of information.

Some of the key things to consider when designing your packaging include:

  • Customer persona – if you don’t have one, put some time into developing one. What is your target customer’s age, and occupation? Go even further to identify key personality traits – all of this information can be used to help create the ideal packaging experience for your customer;
  • Cost – you should have an idea of your product price point, so make sure the packaging fits as you don’t want to appear to be charging too much or too little for what you offer;
  • What is your brand story/personality? Your packaging should also reflect the image you want your brand to portray;
  • Are there any specific regulations you need to follow – are you selling food products, do you need to clearly label the ingredients you’ve used? 

All of these things and more will contribute to the ultimate look and feel of your product. Think about some of the most famous brands; Coke is always a great example. Over the history of the product the packaging has not changed significantly, and this means you can identify it easily – even if you’re in a different country! Seeing a Coke bottle invokes a feeling in you: whether or not you like or drink it, you will have some way of identifying with it, and this is the ultimate goal of any brand – awareness in the market.

Labelling should play a key role in telling people about your product, and together with the packaging, function as a marketing tool. Tailoring your label to show your brand colours and logo will make your product stand out – just like the bottle of Coke among a sea of other cola brands. 

Building your business

Avery describes their Business Builder range as: a range of marketing material that allows the consumer to design and print their own unique branding in a cost effective manner. There is a  broad range of  labels in various shapes, sizes and materials to choose from . Customise your labels with free and easy-to-use  Avery Design & Print software, where you can choose a pre-designed template or design your own.

Taking a look at what’s trending at the moment, we’ll leave you with some expert words from Marilyn Rocha – Product Manager at Avery:

“As an essential interaction with your brand, your packaging is a vital touchy-feely part of your ‘this is us’ front. To help you stay ahead, here are 3 packaging trends that will keep you swathed in style.

Back to Basics
This year, the trend is to strip it back and keep it simple with clean and smart packaging; minimalism is back with a vengeance! Shelves are saturated with choices, so make sure you can elevate your product to cut through in a cluttered crowd. Less is more; tell the people what they need to know and otherwise, let your product speak for itself.

Embrace Authenticity
Don’t try too hard, people will smell the pretend from a mile away. Makers are embracing authenticity and a great way to carry this trend across into your packaging is to put your unique offer forward. Using custom hand-crafted lettering, irregular lines and natural texture fills can break the ice and give your product approachability. This warmth can distinguish you from the droves of digital designs.

Colour Me Happy
There’s a lot of feeling connected to colour and these evocative emotions can affect purchasing decisions. It’s part of our lingo – feeling blue, paint the town red, green with envy – colour is culture. As a rule, bright is beautiful and makes a big bang on the shelf. Call in the contrast and use colour to capitalise by creating a product family with different hues. Colours can carry when it comes to remembering your brand; choose wisely and charm widely.”








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