noun: file; plural nouns: files

A folder or box for holding loose papers together and in order for easy reference.

Filing (for most of us) is a chore and often something we do because we have to. If we don't, things can get messy. Whether it's personal documents or part of your job, it's important to get it right. We've gathered a few handy tips to help keep your loose papers together in style!

"One person's mess is merely another person's filing system." - Margo Kaufman

1. Consistency

Whatever system you decide to use for your filing, make sure it’s consistent. You can file according to subject, alphabetically, or by colours. If it’s consistent you will be able to find things quickly. It also means if you are away, others will be able to use your system with ease.

2. Labelling

Label your files using good quality sticky labels that will stand the test of time. Also make sure your labels are clear and concise. The last thing you need is a complicated code that will take you hours to figure out!

FM Ringbinders are the perfect choice with labels on the spine!

3. Order

Stay on top of things. Create an in-tray for all the items that need to be filed away. Label your in-tray so that people know where to place documents for you.

4. Shred or archive

Know when to keep a document, and when to get rid of it. Some files may need to be kept for a certain length of time. When that time is up, shred them, or send them to off-site archives to free up space. Choose one day a month to review all files and you’ll feel much better about things!

Hot Tip – FM Storage Boxes make archiving easy!

5. Time management

Leading on from the last point, good filing practices will help your overall time management in the office. By setting aside time in your calendar you can keep things up to date, without losing traction in your day to day work.

Make organising your files easy with FM L-Shaped Pockets, they have the bonus of being easy to find!

6. Prioritise

Keep important files where you can easily reach them. If your boss asks for a document can you find it quickly, or do you need time?

FM Display books are handy for keeping important files on hand, plus they’re portable so you can take them to meetings!


7. Style

Finally - filing doesn’t have to be boring! You can spice things up by adding a bit of personal flair! It also doesn’t have to cost the earth to make things look nice.

The FM Pastel range is the perfect addition to your office space. Use your favourite pastel shades to create an easy to follow, stylish filing system that makes you want to file every day!
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