Pro tips for office managers

Pro tips for Office Managers

If you’re an office manager, you’re clearly a pro. Between dealing with vendors, staff and the management team – it takes a pretty special kind of person to juggle so many balls at once!  You’ve got a lot on your plate, so here are a few ways to make your life more manageable and keep the whole office on track.

Organisation is everything

No doubt, every day for you is different – expect the unexpected, right?! That keeps things interesting, but fighting all those fires can make it difficult to get anything done.

Create early morning rituals to get the day off to a good start: check all the printers have plenty of copy paper, that there’s milk in the fridge and coffee ready for the troops. Likewise, set up re-occuring calendar reminders to place your stationery, kitchen and bathroom orders – with next day business delivery, you’ll never run out. 


Copy Paper Coffee Ink & Toner

Empower the team

Feel like you’re hit with hundreds of silly questions every day? There are only so many times you can show someone how to use the photocopier before it gets annoying!

Why not empower the team to work it out for themselves? Create laminated cheat sheets to display around the office – like how to work the photocopier or coffee machine or how to send internal mail. Compile a booklet of these helpful hints to give to new starts on their first day.

Laminating Supplies Binding Supplies Files & Folders

Keep it simple

Make it easy for your team to help themselves. Store consumables like stationery in a central storage cupboard.

Lay everything out in a logical and tidy way, so that everything is easy to find. Here’s a top tip: leave an order form on the stationery cupboard door. Everyone can write up their own requests for your next order including the product code, so you don’t have to go searching.

Get the giggles

Take the time to get to know your team and have a laugh with them. Use special occasions like the Melbourne Cup to get the team together for a bit of fun. Developing a bit of office camaraderie will make work better for everyone. Not only that, if you’ve built a good rapport, they’ll go the extra mile for you when you need a helping hand.

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