When safety is paramount

Timberlab Solutions is Australasia’s largest provider of customised, structurally engineered timber products. All its production takes place on-site, and is then
transported around the country 
and overseas. The factory-based team of 20
works with specialised equipment and heavy products (ranging from fence posts
to huge timber structures), so 
safety was paramount for the company.

One way to keep the team safe was to have them all in a uniform to improve
visibility, and Dale was on the job of sourcing the right one.

Practical solutions

Dale had previously used OfficeMax for Timberlab’s office supplies. So, when she saw an OfficeMax advertisement last year, which featured their range of hi-vis polo shirts, Dale got in touch.

She worked with the OfficeMax team to finalise the large order of yellow and black printed shirts. The staff looked great and Dale could tell they took a real pride in their appearance.

"We wanted all our factory team to be wearing a uniform, firstly so they could look smart,” explains Dale. “But the main priority was for safety reasons. If all the team are wearing the same high-vis polo shirt then they can be easily identified on the factory floor.”

Taking care of tricky orders

Dale was pleased with the range of sizes available and that the order arrived quickly – but there was a hitch. Team members working on a specialised machine fronted with Perspex had problems with the new shirt’s colour. Dale explains that the Perspex was reflecting the yellow of the shirts, causing visibility problems for the machine operator. Peter from OfficeMax helped her to find a solution. “We needed the predominant colour of the tops to be black – transposed from the standard ones the other team members wore. Less yellow, more black, meant no reflection,” says Dale.

Efficient ordering, friendly service

OfficeMax now takes care of all of Timberlab Solutions’ stationery and safety equipment requirements. Dale says the team is great to work with, citing their efficient and friendly service as a big plus. She also finds the OfficeMax website and search engine very informative and user-friendly.

Timberlab Solutions uses a range of safety products to protect their staff, from eye and hearing protection through to high-vis vests and work boots. Fortunately, OfficeMax can supply all these products and more, so Dale only needs to work with one supplier. For Dale, the ordering process is “very straight-forward”, and if there’s something she can’t find the OfficeMax team is always on hand to help out. “Sam is great to work with, really proactive. She’ll often recommend items
that she thinks we may need, which is very helpful.”

“I would recommend OfficeMax to anyone; whether it’s for office supplies, safety gear or clothing, they’re friendly and efficient and deliver what you need.”

"OfficeMax helped us to source this special order quickly and efficiently."

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