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We're all about partnerships, and helping our customers to be successful. Customer feedback and their changing needs drives our business strategy. The increasing interest in our sustainability strategy and values is a trend we welcome and our team often lead discussions on how customers may improve their own sustainability initiatives.

Here are a few ways we can work with you towards your own environmental goals:


When choosing suppliers, consider their environmental integrity and sustainability goals.

On July 1 2019, New Zealand phased out single-use plastic shopping bags. Read our guide on the Single Use Plastic Bags Ban for more information and alternative options.



TechCollect is a free national recycling service available exclusively at OfficeMax's Retail Stores. A variety of technology items can be dropped off for recycling. The programme partners with New Zealand's only Environmental Choice licensed e-waste recycler 'Croxley Recycling'.

Commercial e-waste recycling

Similar to TechCollect, but designed for large quantities – ideal for businesses doing a bulk clean out. A one metre cubed crate can be delivered to your site for seven days (there is a small charge per kilogram to cover delivery and pick up of the crate). Contact us for more information.

Toner and inkjet cartridge recycling

Easy, nationwide inkjet and toner cartridge recycling via Croxley Recycling, with free collection. Purchase your own recycling collection box.

Chair re-purposing

Many of our chairs and sofas can be re-upholstered. Contact us for more information about extending the life of your furniture.

All Heart NZ

Give your old office furniture a new life. OfficeMax has partnered with All Heart NZ to provide a method for businesses to re-direct and re-purpose their redundant furniture, reduce their waste and support communities across New Zealand and the Pacific. 

Carbon Emissions

Helping you make your carbon footprint lighter

We are all part of the local business community, and we know our products and services make a valuable contribution to the lives of everyday Kiwis, but we also know there is an impact on the environment. As responsible companies, we all want to minimise the downside. And one of the major culprits is carbon emissions.

OfficeMax is the first office products supplier in New Zealand to offer our clients a GHG Freight Emissions Calculation Service that enables you to track the freight carbon emissions from your OfficeMax orders using our carboNZero Compatible Freight Carbon Emissions Calculator*.

Our team will use this certified tool to provide you with a report that will let you understand your freight emissions. It will also provide useful data to manage your wider organisational carbon footprint measurement.

*Conditions apply, for more information talk to your Account Manager or see our Carbon Emissions brochure.

Save, hold and save

As it reduces your costs, waste and CO2 emissions, we offer to consolidate orders by pre-packaging individual orders for the same location into one bulk order. A customer can enhance this consolidation further by using the 'save and hold' function on our online ordering system.

Carbon Neutral Copy Paper

Our customers can feel good about their paper purchase when they chose our carbon neutral brand. Read more about how we offset carbon emission, and help fund renewable energy projects.


Environmental Alternatives

Look for products with eco-labels like Environmental Choice, use recycle content or select products from our EcoMax range. Choose products that can be recycled, reused or refilled when you're finished with them.

Insights Report

Depending on your focus area, we have a number of reports that can help you understand, monitor and make changes.

Engagement Programmes

Champions/Eco-warriors/Health, Safety & Sustainability Representatives

It's easy to get a few quick wins under your belt to start your journey, some examples are:

  • Amnesty Day
    We help customers to organise amnesty days on which unused stationery and consumables are collected from within an organisation, then swapped between staff members. Any remaining products are donated to charity.
  • Remove desk rubbish bins
    Replace them with paper recycling boxes or small cubes to collect recycling waste
  • Power reduction campaigns
    Create a competition within your business encouraging staff to 'Hit it off'. Measure, monitor and rewards the teams (or locations) that save the most power.
  • Promote video conferencing to reduce travel
    For tools to implement video conferencing in your business, talk to your Account Manager
  • Reduce low value orders and review order frequency
  • Set up automatic double-sided printing

Our EcoMax range sets the bar high

There is no official standard to measure whether or not a product is environmentally preferable, so OfficeMax developed our own criteria. Our EcoMax products must have a minimum of 30% recycled content, feature one or more environmental accreditations, and/or be made from recyclable plastics.

These products are highlighted in green in our catalogues, and we currently range over 1,500 products.

Environmental accreditations

To ensure our customers are well informed concerning product environmental and social footprints, OfficeMax investigates accreditations during the procurement phase. We check with the Ministry for the Environment about the meaning of these accreditations and ensure claimed sustainable attributes are factual.

Take charge of your sustainability criteria by getting to know these eco-labels.
Download 2018 Sustainability Report


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