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What is a makerspace?

A makerspace is designed to help students develop the 5 Key Competencies and cover a range of school subjects.

It can be a table in the corner of your classroom, a dedicated space in your library or its own fully stocked room. The goal is to give your students all the tools and space they need to learn, problem solve, plan, collaborate and create. With clever planning, flexible product solutions and purposeful, efficient design, you can build an ideal learning environment for your students.

Our Services

Innovative Products

Choose from a wide range of products that drive real educational outcomes.

STEAM Resources

We have a range of resources including lesson plans to help you kick start your STEAM learning.

Education Leasing

Talk to us about Lease-To-Own STEAM equipment. Terms & conditions.

Specialist Support

Take advantage of our locally based Education Account Managers and ongoing support from our Specialist Education Helpdesk.

Makerspace Solutions

From consultation, to design, to the implementation, our Specialists can help you develop the ideal makerspace for your school.


Meet the team


Natalie Tubman

Digital Learning Specialist

Natalie has 14 years of teaching experience across New Zealand, Australia and England. She is passionate about e-learning and helping to implement technology into the New Zealand education system.
STEAM Specialist Natalie Tubman

Catherine Rackley

Furniture Buyer

Catherine has worked in the furniture category at OfficeMax for 10 years. She works with local suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that our customres have access to the latest furniture innovation for modern, flexible learning environments.
Catherine Rackley

Andrea Desmond

Education Buyer

Andrea has been with the OfficeMax team for 27 years. As an experienced Buyer, her expertise lies in identifying and sourcing education products that align with the New Zealand Curriculum. She specialises in securing the best competitive pricing for her customers.
Andrea Desmond

Patrick Dobson

Technology Buyer

With over 20 years of experience in the technology industry, Patrick has been bringing his expertise to the OfficeMax team for 9 years and counting. He specialises in sourcing products and solutions that meet the changing needs of New Zealand's education facilities.
Patrick Dobson


Makerspace Gallery

How to start your own makerspace

4 Basics you need for your makerspace

Are you building a makerspace? Here are 4 basics you should consider before you start.

4 Basics you need for your makerspaex

The secret to a great makerspace

Discover what a makerspace is,
the benefits of having one and what you need to get set up.

The secret to a great makerspace

The essentials you need to build your makerspace

All the things you need to
get started on your own makerspace

The essentials you need to build your own makerspace

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