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Sustainable Packaging Solutions

According to NZ Post’s 2021 Full Download Report, 34% of shoppers would like retailers to focus on Eco-friendly Packaging (this comes second only to Faster Delivery).

Paradoxically, Eco-Friendly Packaging didn’t even show on the list of top 10 things retailers thought would influence shopper spend. We understand that sustainable packaging can be a challenge that gets put in the ‘too hard’ basket. But the numbers are showing that businesses can no longer afford to keep putting it off.

The good news is that there are more options on the market, and even taking some small steps now towards a bigger goal could make all the difference.


Eco-Friendly Product Protection

Void Fill & Paper Wrap to ensure your products arrive safely


Recyclable Cartons & Mailers

A wide range of environmentally conscious packaging options

Sustainable Temperature Control

Liners, Ice Packs & Data Loggers if you rely on your goods arriving fresh

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Eco-Friendly Protection For Your Products

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Making sure your products arrive safely at your customer’s door is the number one priority. Not only does it keep your customers happy, but it also prevents costly – and wasteful – returns.

However, Void Fill is a notoriously tricky part of the shipping process. From Styrofoam peanuts to plastic bubble wrap, the options that used to be commonplace are fast becoming obsolete as consumers become more aware of the environmental impacts of these materials.

“Green” replacement options can come with issues too. Either they’re too expensive, don’t do the job, or even aren’t quite as ‘sustainable’ as they seem on the surface.

Luckily, there are more and more innovative solutions arriving on the market. Check out some of our most popular options below, or get in touch for a solution that suits your specific needs.

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Sustainable Temperature Control For Your Goods

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Do you rely on your goods arriving fresh and in ideal temperature conditions to your customers? Whether you’re delivering fish or pharmaceuticals, packaging that performs is critical to your bottom line.

But, if your customers are starting to complain about the Polystyrene or other materials you’re shipping with, it could be time to investigate new temperature-controlled packing solutions.

Read how one of our customers switched from Poly Bins to TempGuard Carton Liners for their frozen goods.

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Recyclable Packaging to Ship Your Products

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Whether your items fit in a mailer bag or require cartons, there are plenty of options to choose from in the market.

Additionally, look for cartons and paper made from 100% recycled content as an extra bonus.

Here are some environmentally conscious packaging options to consider:

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