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Sustainable packaging is essential for businesses as it helps to reduce waste and pollution and is welcomed by today's consumers.

  • 72%* of shoppers want to see environmentally conscious (recyclable) materials for their products and packaging. 
  • Sustainable business practices remain one of the key factors driving customer preferences and show the business’ commitment towards social and environmental causes

Whether you need environmentally conscious packaging options, sustainable product protection, presentation and brand packaging, labels, industrial dispensers, or gears and equipment to help automate your packaging line, we have it all.

Talk to OfficeMax's packaging specialists, who can help with a solution tailored to your business needs.

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Ask us about our sustainable packaging options

Sustainable protection, void fill for your products

Sustainable protection for your products

Void fill is essential for the safety of products in any packaging as it helps prevent damage to the goods. With sustainability and low cost in mind, you can choose several ‘environmentally conscious’ options.
Pallet wraps made of 40% recyclable content

Pallet wrap with 40% recyclable material

Extremely strong, tear and punch-resistant, easy-to-use pallet wraps, ideal for sharp edges and uneven loads. Bonus, they are made from 40% recyclable content and are EcoMax Approved.
Recyclable packaging to ship your products

Recyclable product packaging

Whether your items fit in a mailer bag or require cartons, we offer plenty of options to safeguard your products and reduce your business’ carbon footprint. Check out our EcoMax selection.
Sustainable packaging tapes

Sustainable packaging tapes

Packaging tapes that are soft on the environment and do the required job. These water-activated gummed tapes are heavy-duty, form a tamper-evident strong and secure seal, and are EcoMax Approved.

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Cool packaging and sustainable shipping solution for JDE Coffee 

Maintain packaging integrity with TempGuard for coffee shipping

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