Art Space

Friendship Kete

Experiment with some fun creative techniques.


An easy introduction to tapa and its cultural meaning.

Designer T-Shirts

Fun and easy fashion with brightly coloured crayons!

Crayon Resist

Create stunning artwork with chalk, crayon and dye.

Perspex Etching

Use different themes to create a series of etchings.

Athletes with Value

Create tints and shades and learn about the aspects of tonal value

Koru Designs

Learn about the koru shape and create colourful images.


Textured Stars and Moon

Experiment with layering to create texture.

Recycled Baskets

Turn old milk cartons into fun baskets or planters!



Pastels, paint and patterns create colourful images.

Flaming Torch

Create a flaming torch using the shape of your hand.

Easter Bunny Bunting

The perfect project for Easter celebrations!


Design your own Poupou using contrasting warm and cool colours.

Underwater Scene - EVA Foam

Create an underwater scene with vibrant colours!

Drawing in White

This lesson is a great start to observational drawing.

Pule Foam Prints

An excellent introduction to printing for all levels!

Sport Medals

This is a great introduction to clay modelling.

3D Plaster Art

Use plaster impregnated bandages to create sculpture.

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