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Ideas Centre has the tools you need to create a work environment that is more productive and more enjoyable! Do more, faster with our tips and tricks to help you solve everyday office problems and get the workplace running smoothly and efficiently.

Top tips for choosing office furniture

The boss might think that it’s as simple as ordering a few chairs and desks, but when it comes to creating the right office space, there’s actually a lot to consider. Get started with these top tips!

Packaging Design

It's what's on the outside that counts..

In a world bursting with brands, great packaging isn’t just nice-to-have, it’s essential. Well-designed packaging communicates with your customers and helps your products stand out on the shelf.

Office Stretch

Stretch your way to happiness

It feels good to really good...but how many of us actually do it at work?  When we’re so busy we barely have time for lunch, let alone striking a yoga pose in the middle of the office!

Office Stretch

Be an Eco-ambassador

Become an Eco-ambassador in your office and get your company thinking green.

Seriously Safe

Staying within your company's Health and Safety Guidelines is easy with the right equipment!

Ending 2016 on a high-gienic note!

It's the perfect time to sort your workspace and come back to a healthier environment next year!

Mothers Day

Three easy to follow crafts for you to do with children for this Mother's Day!

Admin Star

10 signs you're an Admin Superstar

Everyone who works in an office environment knows who their Office Administrator or Manager is - they are one of the first people you meet! They're the one you go to when...well, anything happens, right?


5 ways to a winning workspace

Feel like you’re about to get buried in a paperwork avalanche?! It’s hard to think straight when you can’t find your coffee mug, let alone that important document you’re working on.


Keep the coffee connoisseurs calm

Kiwis love their coffee, so it can be pretty hard finding the perfect brew for such a discerning lot!y do it at work?  When we’re so busy we barely have time for lunch, let alone striking a yoga pose in the middle of the office!

Tips to get organised

Organised workplaces are efficient workplaces - find out our top tips to help you organise your workspace.

home office

Fit your office into your life

Traffic doing your head in? Prefer working in your PJ's? Working from home can be a great way to increase productivity, and find a little work-life balance in the process. 

What's your Work Personality?

Take our fun quiz and find out which one of our four work personalities you most resemble!


Creativity grows little minds!

Kids love getting creative and it’s so important to their overall physical and mental development. But creativity is not an in-built skill – our kids need the time, space and right equipment to explore.

Pro tips for Office Managers 

If you’re an office manager, you’re clearly a pro. Between dealing with vendors, staff and the management team – it takes a pretty special kind of person to juggle so many balls at once!

Working Smarter

Tips for leaving the office on time

We all know work-life balance, and read articles designed to show us how easy it is to manage our time so that we don't spend a whole day responding to emails that don't contribute to our role.

Shredded Paper

Keep confidential information secure

Knowing when, and what, to keep confidential is important to all businesses, however big or small.


What's your Diary Style?

Find out about our new range, and discover what your Diary Style is! 


First Aid eti-Kit

The importance of replenishing your workplace First Aid kit

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