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We have put together a selection of the most commonly asked Questions or alternatively, we also have a series of tutorial 'How To' videos (above).

You can still contact the OfficeMax Team directly if none of the solutions within our FAQ's section resolve your problem. The details for getting in touch with us are found on our Contact Us page, or for an immediate response please use our Live Chat service.


Why has OfficeMax packaged my items in this way?

I need to Return an Item. How can I do this?

My Order is awaiting Approval, should I need to change my Approver or edit my Order, what can I do?

How do I order an item that is out of stock, can I see the current stock levels?

How do I use a Promo Code?

I’m having problems placing my Order

Can I track my Order, has my Order been received by OfficeMax?

After an Order is placed; can I cancel it?

When will my items be delivered?

I’ve received a damaged or incorrect item or I am missing an item from my Order. What should I do?

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