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Useful Resources for Learning From Home


Cells Alive
Learn all about cells and organisms on Cells Alive!

Games and videos included.

Ages 9-12+
Learn all about how to identify earthquakes and more on Earthquake USGS.

Ages 6-12+
NanoGirl is a Science-based site designed to educate and entertain kids. Check out their Superhero Science Adventure made for kids who are stuck at home.

Ages 6-12+

NASA Kids Club
Learn all about space! Lots of videos, missions (activities) and things to do on NASA Kids Club.

Ages 6-12+

Nat Geo Kids Club
Nat Geo Kids features a collection of social, science and geographical articles, games and competitions.

Great for kids to explore by themselves.

Ages 6-12+

The Happy Scientist
One Zoom looks like a simple graphic at first but zooming in reveals a mass of hidden surprises! See how all life on earth is connected in this amazing learning tool.

Ages 8-12+
The Happy Scientist
The Happy Scientist is an educational free science site. Let your kids explore and find out how to make a compass, what (Watt) electricity is and more.

Ages 6-12+
Steve Spangler Science
Making science fun! Steve Spangler Science features 100's of free at home experiments and activities for kids.

Ages 6-12+


CS First
CS First is a teaching resource built by teachers for teachers. It enables anyone to teach and learn coding (even with no experience). Use this to educate yourself and your kids with fun, interactive activities.

Ages 6-12+
Grasshopper Coding
The Grasshopper App is a great tool to learn coding for beginners. This app teaches the basics of coding in a fun and interactive way. You may even want to give it a go yourself!

Ages 6-12+
Stencyl lets anyone build their own games using their intuitive "block-snapping" interface. Download their Educator Kit for 2 weeks worth of teaching material.

Ages 6-12+
Waterbear makes programming more accessible and fun. This toolkit uses a visual language, so you don't have to focus on learning syntax to start programming.

Ages 6-12+


BBC History for Kids
BBC History for Kids features a series of games and quizzes about history for kids.

Ages 6-12+
Horrible Histories
Based on the best-selling book series, Horrible Histories, this channel features plenty of sketch comedy episodes for kids. The episodes maintain the same feel of the books - a fun look at some of the darker parts of our history. For the older kids!

Ages 9-12+


Storyline Online
Storyline Online is a collection of free videos of children's stories read aloud. A great resource if you need some time to concentrate.

Ages 2-10
The Story Starter
Get your kids writing with The Story Starter. This site generates random "story starters" to get your imagination going!

Ages 8-12+


ArtSpace is our own hub of creative art lessons for kids to get crafty with. Build your own kite, make a medal and more!

Ages 3-8
MoMA has a great list of resources for teaching and learning about Art from home.

Ages 12+
National Gallery of Art for Kids
iPad App only: This app has eight interactive activities inspired by works in the collection of the National Gallery of Art, a sketchbook for freehand drawing and a personal exhibition space for kids to save and display their art.

Ages 8-12+
Painting Tube
Painting Tube features 1000s of videos all covering various painting, drawing and sketching techniques. This one is for the budding artist in your home.

Ages 10-12+
Pic Candle
This cute YouTube channel features a playlist called "30 things to doodle". It's a great "draw along" tool for kids who are developing their creative skills.

Ages 5-11

Te Reo Maori

Te Kete Ipurangi
TKI features teaching and learning resources aligned to the te reo Maori curriculum guide. Discover waiata songbooks, stories, dictionaries and more.

Ages 5-12+

Mixed Subjects, Games and Eductional Tools

ABC Ya features a mix of educational games for kids of all ages (up to 12+)

Ages 3-12+
e-Learning for Kids
e-Learning for Kids features a range of fun educational kids covering Math, Science, Environmental Skills, Computer Skills, Health, Language Arts and Life Skills.

Ages 3-12+
Highlights Kids
Highlights Kids features a collection of activities, jokes, games, educational content, podcasts and a share centre for kids to ask questions and share their projects (curated).

Ages 3-8
Magic Tree House
The Magic Tree House is a game for kids to do missions "all around the world". Discover different countries, cultures and animals.

Ages 3-11
PBS Kids
PBS Kids has a collection of fun and educational videos and games for kids. A great site for when you need a bit of time to concentrate!

Ages 2-5
Learning Lab
The Smithsonian Learning Lab is all about discovery, creation and sharing. This site offers a huge pool of digital resources for history, artand culture and the sciences.

Ages 9-12+
Fuel the Brain
Fuel the Brain features a mix of educational games and activities for kids.

Ages 3-12+
Grid Club
Grid Club features a mix of educational games and activities for kids.

Ages 3-12+
Mr Nussbaum
Mr Nussbaum features a mix of educational interactive games for kids of all ages.

Ages 2-12+
Seussville features fun games and videos based on Dr. Seuss's books.

Ages 3-8
Starfall features a mix of educational games and activities for the young ones.

Ages 2-5
Sesame Street
Sesame Street features educational games and videos for young children.

Ages 2-5
Stay Safe at Home NZ
Stay Safe at Home NZ is a Facebook page dedicated to sharing fun and interesting learning activities kiwi kids can do at home. They share local colouring competitions, easy craft ideas, tips, and more.

Ages 5-12+
Turtle Diary
Turtle Diary features a mix of fund educational and online games for kids.

Ages 2-8
Twinkl has an amazing range of New Zealand based teaching resources for kids of all ages. Includes ESOL and Special Ed.

Ages 2-12+

Physical Education

PE With Joe
YouTube account, The Body Coach, is running a daily "P.E." class. It's a great way to get the kids moving, plus all the proceeds from ads go to the NHS in the UK.

Ages 3-12+

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