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You’re probably aware by now that your workspace actually has more germs than the toilet seat used by everyone, every day. . . . and if you didn’t know - let that sink in. Now is the perfect time to sort your individual work spaces so everyone can come back in the New Year to a healthier environment. It’s easier than you think – just follow our easy steps!

When you return to the office in the new year follow our simple tips to continue with hygienic habits in your workplace:

1. Wash hands thoroughly after using the bathroom

Regular old water isn’t enough – according to research 45 seconds is good length of time to wash your hands with soapy water – doing this can reduce contamination by up to 10%*

2. Clean your desk on a regular basis

Don’t let the dust and mould settle, ensure you clean regularly to keep your space healthy and clean.

Here at OfficeMax we want to help you create the most hygienic workplace you can. If you’d like more information on a hygienic solution for your business fill out an enquiry form and one of our Specialists will be in touch!

*information sourced from www.medicaldaily.com 

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