OfficeMax MySchool Rewards Terms & Conditions

The OfficeMax MySchool rewards programme

When you buy your back to school supplies you can earn OfficeMax MySchool Rewards for your School (some exclusions apply). 

To ensure your nominated school is credited with your OfficeMax MySchool Rewards you will need to select your school name when shopping online with

Signing up for OfficeMax MySchool

All primary, intermediate and secondary schools are already signed up to receive OfficeMax MySchool Rewards.

To reward your school simply select your school when you shop on OfficeMax MySchool.

For more information, phone our friendly customer service team on 0800 724 440.  

Earning OfficeMax MySchool Rewards

When you order with OfficeMax MySchool you will start earning OfficeMax MySchool Rewards for your school.

Back to school purchases are automatically captured for rewards when you select from your school list on

Redeeming OfficeMax MySchool Rewards

OfficeMax MySchool Rewards will be credited to your school's OfficeMax credit account each quarter.  The school can then work with OfficeMax to source things they need for their classrooms or for students in need.

How to Shop at OfficeMax MySchool

You can purchase products online at OfficeMax MySchool or over the phone on 0800 724 440.

Product Exclusions

You cannot earn rewards points on postage stamps, pre-paid envelopes, customer specific product and services, STEAM products, computing devices (desktops, laptops, and tablets), freight charges, donations, fees, eResources and SciPad Workbooks.


Membership to the OfficeMax MySchool Rewards programme is free. 

A minimum OfficeMax MySchool Rewards value of $20 is required before Rewards are credited to your School's account. If your OfficeMax MySchool Rewards value is less than $20, it will not be credited and any rewards points below the $20 minimum will not be accrued.

OfficeMax reserves the right to revise or cancel the programme at any time without prior notice.

OfficeMax reserves the right to withdraw or cancel any school's membership or rewards on reasonable grounds, which include but are not limited to, abuse of the programme.

Notification of any changes to the programme and termination of the programme will be advised to you online at

This programme is not available to business account holders with a credit account who are already receiving preferential pricing.

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