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STEAM Lesson Plan | Crazy Mazes

STEAM Lesson Plan Crazy Mazes Sphero

STEAM Lesson Plan: Crazy Mazes

Designed for Ages 5-13


Your students will learn to code a Sphero Spark, helping it to navigate through a maze of their own design. They can get creative with the maze, not only using classroom art supplies, but items from around the classroom as well!


2-4 Class periods


Class set Sphero Spark+
Paint brushes
Coloured Card

Lesson Outline:

Step 1:

Put your students into pairs (they're more likely to develop better problem solving skills this way).

Step 2:

Give each pair of students their own Sphero Spark and 10 minutes to explore its coding. They can – depending on their age and ability – either code with the draw function or with the coding blocks.

Step 3:

Once they have investigated the coding, bring the class back together to discuss these key questions:

  • What coding function did you like best and why?
  • What would you like your Sphero to do when you code it?
  • What frustrations did you have, if any, when you were investigating the coding?
  • What should we do when we're unsure of how to de-bug? (Set this as a routine moving forward.)

Step 4:

It's time to talk to the students about their mazes! Now that they have a better idea of what the Sphero can do, talk to them about how they are going to design and create their own maze or obstacle course for their Sphero.

Step 5:

Set some class requirements for the maze. For example, "Your maze must have 1 ramp, 2 corners, 2 obstacles and 1 tunnel."

Step 6:

Students use the design process to draft their course.

Step 7:

And then start to make/create their mazes!

Step 8:

When they're done, let them navigate their mazes with the Sphero. Set a time challenge if they're a little older or more comfortable with the coding.


Set up a paint area, a construction area and a decoration area so the classroom is still functional!

STEAM Lesson Plan Crazy Mazes Example

Author: Natalie Tubman, Digital Learning Specialist at OfficeMax
With almost 14 years of teaching experience, Natalie is passionate about e-learning and helping to implement technology into the New Zealand education system.

Copyright Notice: It is an infringement of the intellectual property rights of OfficeMax New Zealand Limited ("OfficeMax") for any person to modify or copy any portion of this document without the prior written permission of OfficeMax. All rights reserved.

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