Pule Foam Prints

Printing Foam is an economical, soft surface printing plate. It is easy to use and can be used to produce an unlimited number of prints. It is an excellent introduction to printmaking for any level.

You will need:

•  Pencil or pen

•  Printing Foam

•  Waterbased Printing Ink

•  Rollers

•  Paper/cardboard for printing - white and/or coloured

Specific Learning Objectives

Students will:

•  Learn about the works of John Pule

•  Learn basic techniques of relief printing

•  Make many prints from a single piece of foam

Let's Get Started!

Before starting, pass around some examples of John Pule's artwork. Look at the symbols and patterns. Most of his ideas come from living things and his early years growing up in Niue.

Think about your own environment growing up in New Zealand -  the animals, buildings, plants, culture and heritage. Plan your own design on a piece of paper first.

Tip: Keep to simple lines as these will work best for a print.

Draw your design onto the foam with a permanent marker, then go over the lines using a pencil or ballpoint pen. These lines will not print. Remember that if you want to use words or numbers these will need to be scratched in reverse.

Roll the ink evenly onto your roller, then roll it onto the surface of the printing foam covering the entire surface with an even coat of ink.

Lay printing paper over the inked surface and press gently with your hands. Use a clean roller to burnish the back of the print ensuring even pressure. Peel back the print and allow it to dry.

Print further prints and explore the effects on different papers. Try printing over collage, painted paper, crayon rubbings, newspaper etc.

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