Recycled Baskets

Preparing for the school fair or need to make gifts for a special occasion? Here’s a simple, affordable idea!

You will need:

•  Empty milk bottle

•  Scissors

•  Stapler

•  Acrylic paint and brush

•  Permanent markers (Posca won't smudge)

Specific Learning Objectives

Students will:

•  Create and decorate a basket using a recycled milk bottle

Let's Get Started!

Mark the areas on the bottle to be cut away. Ensure the handles go as far as possible up the side of the bottle. Children may need help to make the initial cut into the plastic. Cut out the excess.

Paint a base coat and leave to dry. Add details with a fine brush or permanent marker. You could also add some  decorations like pom poms and glitter.

Staple the handle together and fill with goodies. Baskets can also be used as planter pots. Cut the base from another milk bottle, punch drainage holes and place in the bottom of the basket.

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