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The word sgraffito comes from the Italian 'graffiare' which means to scratch. Typically it refers to the technique of scratching through one or more layers to reveal the contrasting colour beneath. 

You will need:

•  Cartridge Paper - white

•  Oil Pastels

•  Acrylic black paint

•  Skewers (for scratching)

•  Spray Varnish

Specific Learning Objectives

Students will:

•  Demonstrate the use of pattern

•  Define their use of symbols within their design

Let's Get Started!

Look at the artwork of John Pule, his use of pattern and design as well the way he divides up an artwork into sections to include a variety of images and patterns. Now look at examples of Zentangles and practice creating some patterns of your own.

Colour in your paper with an opaque layer of oil pastel, blending colours together.

Cover your entire page with an even layer of black paint and leave to dry.

Use a skewer to scratch your design into the paint. Include a variety of lines in your design. Be aware of your use of positive and negative space. Seal with varnish.

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