Serious about Workplace Safety

You'd think that keeping safe at work shouldn't be that hard, but depending on the industry, it's not as easy as you'd think. From office-based whoopsies like a stapler through the fingernail (ouch!) or a latte burn, to serious injuries on the construction site, we all have to take responsibility for keeping ourselves and others safe.  

Most companies have Health and Safety policies to guide our behaviour, but it's so much easier to stay within your Health and Safety policy when you have the right equipment.

Protecting what’s important

Hard hats are not just for builders – many worksites require hard hats at all times. Make sure you’ve got enough protective gear for the whole team, and extras for all visitors to site.

Keeping comfortable

Comfort in the workplace is actually another H&S issue. If you don’t have a centralised heating/cooling system, you might need to consider heaters or cooling units. You’ll find productivity goes up when people are at the right temperature too – bonus!

Hazards to watch for

Keep a role of caution tape on hand, so you can act out scenes from CSI in your downtime...or mark off areas that are a potential hazard – leaking roof anyone?! There are specialised safety signs for all sorts of potential hazards, or one can be designed specific to your workplace.

Be Prepared

Get through any calamity with a well-stocked Civil Defence kit. Get the basics sorted with a ready-made kit, then add extras like chocolate and baked beans to prepare for any type of emergency.

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