In October 2018, Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for their yearly IT hardware refresh. With their financial year matching the calendar year, everything needed to be delivered before the end of the year, creating a very tight, and challenging turn around; one that OfficeMax was confident it could meet.

MIT's IT Commercial Manager, Tyson Tamihere, was leading the process after having recently started his role within the IT team, ensuring satisfactory outcomes were achieved.

OfficeMax was successful for the projector portion of the RFP. The decision was based primarily on OfficeMax's ability to supply the equipment required, in the tight turnaround time, for the best price. Another point of difference was the ability to store inventory that can be called upon at any time, a service other suppliers were unable to provide.

The projectors, used across all classrooms, as well as some shared/collaborative spaces, are used by MIT's educators to teach their students. With almost daily use, they needed to be robust and meet the required specifications.

MIT was impressed that OfficeMax was able to provide high-end technology products, and knowledgable staff. 

OfficeMax was able to meet all requirements on time within the budget set, MIT describing it as "a really big success for the Institute."

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"Technology Specialist Richard Miles was great to work with – the way he conducted each interaction was very professional, he and his team were flexible, and transparent – they would let us know if there were any sticking points – which we're glad there weren't...it was a job well done."

Lecture hall with projector

"I'd definitely recommend OfficeMax's Technology team to anyone in a similar situation. With a tight turnaround it was important to have a supplier that is transparent, and can meet the requirements set out for them. They delivered on their promises."

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